How To Block Bank Of Baroda ATM Card?

Bank of Baroda is the largest and best bank in India as you all know. Bank of Baroda is also established in other countries i.e like Arab countries and also African countries. Many people have an account in these banks and also they suggest their friends and family open accounts in BOB bank. Even Bank of Baroda was fully trusted with their account holder to provides the best service to if any problems, like how to Block Debit Card Cum ATM Card.

In this article, we will inform you and suggest how to block ATM cards if your card was stolen or lost somewhere.

Customers should receive a balance update in case of money withdrawal when fraud or unauthorized transactions is made on Debit Card. Customers can also check the BOB account balance themself to make sure everything is intact. So we will guide below by two-step on how to block ATM cards.

  • How to Block BOB ATM Card By Calling Customer Care?

calling customer care
calling customer care

One of the most simple and easiest ways is to call the Bank of Baroda toll-free customer care number, which is available 24/7 and 365. Below are the number you can call:

 1.    1800 102 44 55 (toll-free)

All you need to do it that just calling customer care and told them you lost your ATM card somewhere or stolen which you don’t know.

They will ask you few questions about your bank account like account number etc. Once you answer them all the questions they will block your ATM card immediately.

  • How to Block BOB ATM Card By Visiting Home Branch?

In this method, you need to go to your home branch where you open your account. Either if you go to any branch which is near to you and tell them to you lost your ATM card then they say to you where is open your account (home branch). So in that case you can follow the first step to block your card. And the in-home branch you can talk bank officials that you have lost your BOB ATM card and want to block the same. Then you need to show your bank passbook so they know your bank account number and they request in the bank system to block your card immediately.

Even you can confirm is that to bank officer to write application for lost ATM card to block immediately or full fill the bank form and submit in the bank is that necessary or not.


So this was the process to you can block your ATM card when it was lost or stolen, which is given above and you follow them and block your card immediately. I hope you are clear with all the steps which we will mention in this article.



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